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Diana Toshiko

Diana Toshiko is L.A. based SAG AFTRA and AEA actress. Manger: Rectangle Entertainment Theatrical/Commercial: Kathleen Schultz Associates

Bad Milo

Diana stars as "Brittany" in the Duplass Brothers' comedy "Bad Milo" written/directed by Jacob Vaughan on DVD!

Motion Capture

"White House Down" , "Tower of the Dragon", "KIVA", and others!

Horrible Bosses

Now on DVD! Diana stars as "Bobby's Girl"

Action and Stunt Performance

Diana Toshiko trained three weeks with famous stunt team "87eleven" to portray the deadly assassin "Ru" in "Two Weeks Notice"

Sketch Comedy

Out of this world, Endearing, In your face comedy with OPM Comedy and 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors

Dancing, Singing, Shakespeare, Classics

Musicals, Choreography, Classical works, and Shakespeare!

"Daring, unpredictable, and fierce."